Accounting consulting and outsourcing

Accounting consulting includes the bookkeeping of your company on an outsourcing basis by experienced accountants of consulting group PRIDE EXCLUSIVE.

Are you familiar with the situation when the employee responsible for the accounting dismisses suddenly from the office, Your accounting Department is transferred to “other hands”, and you are not quite sure that in accounting You have “BALANCE”. Free yourself from these thoughts!
We will provide:
— performance of the chief accountant’s functions;
— the order of accounting, account’s reflection of economic transactions and reporting;
— calculation and payroll;
— accounting for the receipt and consumption of materials;
— timely calculation and payment of taxes;
— other accounting advice.

Using the services of Accounting outsourcing, you don’t waste money:
• for the purchase of office equipment, stationery;

• specialized programs and their updating (1S, BEM, etc)
• salaries and social payments;
• to payment of maternity and holiday pays;
• the organization of workplaces (office, furniture, etc.).

Literate organization of accounting process through the enterprise – task of the wise leader!
You no longer have to be responsible for the accurate and timely execution of the work, because we are responsible for our job!