Legal advice

Professional legal support of the company is the key to a successful business!
Legal advice is provided by the specialists of the Legal department, including engaged lawyers. The task of a specialist of the legal consultancy is to clarify the main point of issues of a client and effective organization of work by involving experienced lawyers in a particular area.

Employees of the Legal department of the PRIDE EXCLUSIVE possess high professional level of training, specialize in different fields of law and have extensive practical experience in the provision of legal services.
The company’s specialists are guided by the principles of strict compliance of the law, accurate planning of all stages of investment projects, close cooperation with departments of Your company at every stage of work.

Subscription service of your company, assumes full legal support of your business, consultation of all questions concerning  enterprise, preparation of local and corporate documents, contracts, orders, receipt of necessary documents, certificates, permissions, and other required actions.

Legal support of certain operations or transactions minimizes risks for the transaction, this will include legal analysis of the documents of the deal’s object, such as real estate, shares, and securities.

Specialists of the Legal department have extensive experience associated with the sale of the shares or shares in business companies, and will be able to eliminate cases of recognition of transactions void.
With the constant movement of life and the development of enterprise in the country undergoes a change of tax legislation. Wrong application the norms of the tax legislation is often a result of unfavorable consequences for the company in the form of financial losses and liability of officials of the company. Our lawyers will provide expert legal advice on taxation, select the best taxation system taking into consideration the operation of Your company.